Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Quincy Bruce arrested again for possession of Stripe Cards at NCCU ATM Machine

The prosecution has asked for a full trial in a matter involving Quincy Bruce of Soufriere and Sigmund Darroux of Bellevue.

Bruce and 18-year-old Darroux have been charged under the Electronic Funds Transfer Act for that they on September 21, 2022, at Cork Street in Roseau at the National Co-Operative Credit Union (NCCU) ATM Machine had in their possession 8 H & M Cards. Darroux pleaded guilty and Bruce pleaded “not guilty”.

Darroux was also charged for attempting to withdraw $13,900.00 from the NCCU ATM. He pleaded not guilty. They were both captured on the NCCU surveillance cameras. Wayne Norde and Gina Abraham Thomas represent both. A bail application will be made later this week on their behalf. In the meantime, they have been remanded in custody.

In July 2022, Quincy Bruce appeared before the Magistrate’s court in Roseau on charges of theft and possession of Magnetic Stripe Cards.

According to court documents, between June 3-16, 2022, Bruce is alleged to have stolen $47,600.00 from the ATM Machine in Roseau belonging to the National Cooperative Credit Union (NCCU), he is also charged with stealing from the NCCU ATM on High Street on June 28, 2022, using electronic magnetic cards $1,900.00.

His two other charges are for possessing Magnetic Stripe Cards on June 28, 2022, at the Central Credit Union on Federation Drive Goodwill.