DFP, UWP and NJAM labels Chief of Police comments “prejudicial, inflammatory, discriminative, and politically biased”

Police Chief of Dominica Daniel Carbon
Dominica's Chief of Police Daniel Carbon at a press conference August 10, 2020


The Dominica Freedom Party (DFP), The Dominica United Workers Party (UWP), and the National Joint Action Movement (NJAM) express grave concern over the recent statement of Dominica’s Chief of Police, Daniel Carbon in which he demanded that anyone wishing to walk legally in the Commonwealth of Dominica that that person must first apply to him as Chief of Police seeking permission before setting out to walk in Roseau, the capital of the Commonwealth of Dominica.

The Grouping finds this statement intimidating and geared toward stifling the freedom and independence of Dominica’s citizens to freely and lawfully move about in the country without undue interference from Law Enforcement. The call is made to the Chief of Police to refrain from making prejudicial, inflammatory, discriminative, and politically biased statements that are anathema to the Rule of Law, good governance, stability, and Peace.