FIU seizes almost $1 million in cash

US Cash image
US Cash

Head of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) in Dominica McKelson Ferrol has disclosed that on April 20, his department the police, and, the Customs Department intercepted US$332,250 from an unidentified individual on the island.

“During an examination of a brown box that arrived from St. Marten on board a cargo ship, Customs found three soap powder boxes containing a clear vacuum-sealed plastic pack containing US currency. A fourth bag containing US dollars was also intercepted, he said.

Ferrol told the media, that the FIU has since begun a “parallel” investigation into the matter, adding that the money seized “should be handed over to the FIU…and an application was filed for forfeiture of the money under the Proceeds of Crime Act in the Magistrate’s Court”.

He also disclosed that his department is still investigating the discovery and seizure of almost one million euros ($0.37 cents = one euro) during an exercise in Portsmouth, last month.

A Magistrate’s Court case has been filed, and investigations are ongoing, according to him.