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Dominica Calypso Association (DCA) says season was challenging with several factors working against them

Although they were able to meet their various obligations, the Dominica Calypso Association (DCA) is expressing concerns over the high cost of its expenses saying that the government should pattern on other islands and give better support to the art form.
In an exclusive interview with Nature Isle News (NIN) Treasurer of the DCA Narrin Murphy stated that “This year, we opted to tackle the season in a different manner, where we would have provided three scenarios based on the income level that would dictate the level of fees that would be paid. As we speak, we have adopted scenario number two which is middle because we had a best case, worse case, and a middle.”
“So, we are utilizing the middle scenario or scenario number two to meet the various prices. It was a challenging season I would say with several factors working against us,” he said.
“We are concerned that having a cultural event like calypso that is subject to VAT and why must we have to pay to utilize the grounds of the Carnival City. We get no subvention from the government as you have from the other islands,” Murphy stated.
He continued, “In fact, I must say that we should be getting those things as a contribution. We have paid over the last ten years by way of VAT and as a mandatory contribution for the use of the structure that includes sound, stage, and light just under one million dollars from 2012-2022.”
“That is a lot, but I remain optimistic that we remain a growing concern. We have received no assistance, not from COVID. I can also say to you that during COVID, the shows that we held we were subjected to VAT on the minimal income that we made that even fell below the threshold and nobody saw it fit to say anything to us,” he lamented.
“I can safely say to you that give and take we may just have had about two thousand people for the finals and the season would have generated over 300k in gate and sponsorships.”
“Prizes were paid based on the scenario achieved and we would have presented prospective fees based on varying scenarios,” he stated.
He also stated that the use of grounds was 55k which was negotiated to 40 and to date Calypsonian fees are more than 100k which have all been paid plus Bank loan and insurance over 50k.
The DCA is also faced with issues of providing maximum comfort to patrons that are within the age range of 40-55 and Murphy believes that increasing seating capacity and a different venue like the Pottersville Savannah will greatly assist.
Also, he says that “the break from VAT and even the use of the venue from of charge would allow for better fee structure all geared at keeping the art form bubbling.”

The DCA he stated is seeking assistance or subvention as done in other islands “This could be simple as the use of the already set up stage sound lights which is already set up by the Dominica Festival Commission (DFC),” Murphy remarked.