Thursday, February 22, 2024
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Dr Pascal withdraws from December 6 2022 general elections

Dr. Irving Pascal has taken a decision to withdraw his nomination and candidacy from the December 6, 2022, General Elections. Dr. Pascal had placed himself in the contest and gotten nominated on November 18, 2022, but in an exclusive interview with Nature Isle News (NIN) says he is no longer interested and is also calling on all the independent candidates to “withdraw from the contest.

He had in a radio interview with Q95 FM asked people to contest as independent candidates but the interview with NIN says the process should be one that needs to be boycotted.

Find attached the full interview with Dr. Pascal and Carlisle Jno Baptiste of Nature Isle News (NIN).



  1. Unbelievable MESS!! And they wonder why Dominicans tune them out. And Skeritt continues to feel embolden to do whatever he wants.

    Hope and pray that Dr. Fountain turns out to be that viable promising alternative to Skeritt that Dominica is deep down dying for.

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