Swansea, Giants and Riders taste defeat  

Domino Action

St. Lucian domino outfit, Team Rayneau was in good form last weekend as they registered two wins when the action continued in the 2022 Kubuli Beer BB Rum Division One National Domino League. The weekend results show that Swansea had their winning streak coming to an end. Riders and Giants also tasted defeat for the first time. 

Here are the results of the matches. 

Zone A 

  1. Team Rayneau 2501points and Fire Services 2461 points 
  2. Team Raynea 2521points and One Love 2202 points 
  3. Palm Boys 2500 points and Swansea 2381points 
  4. Palm Boys 2533 points and Giants 2386 points 
  5. Swansea 2511 points and Morne Bruce Warriors 1389 points 
  6. One Love 2513 points and Riders 2033 points 
  7. Rebels 2506 points and Skills 1261 points 
  8. Riders 2517 points and Rebels 2032 points 
  9. Skills 2501 points and Giants 2413 points 

Zone B 

  1. Peace and Love 2500 points and Hit Back 2493 points 
  2. Alley Boys 2538 points and Tarreau 2076 points 
  3. White City 2441 points and Sonny Boys 1810 points 
  4. RC 2550 points and RT Construction 2207 points 


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