Dominica Chess Federation advances to round three at 44th Olympiad in India

Chess Logo Dominica
Dominica Chess Federation (DCF) logo

The Dominica Chess Federation has been making serious strides at the 44th Olympiad performing on par with some of the brightest minds in the world of chess.

187 countries are presently battling to advance to the next leg of the Game, and Dominica is now in round three of the eleven-round Olympiad.

Thus far Dominica has done battle with Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as San Marino as these three teams are no stranger to the Olympiad or the game of chess.

However, when facing Dominica, they were forced on their heels as the game demands witty strategy and aggressive gameplay, balanced with flexible defense.

The Dominican teams edged off their loss against Iraq and made their presence felt against Afghanistan, then championed their way to a victory against San Marino. Dominica is facing off with Palau.

Team Captain Nigel Francis shared some of their experiences against some of the best in the world, on the other side of the Globe, stating that the team is gaining confidence and experience and looks forward to representing Dominica to the highest level.


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