APP statement re COVID-19 comment of prominent businessman Mr. Karl Nassief

APP-Alternative People's Party (Dominica)
Alternative People's Party (APP)

It is good that prominent businessman Mr. Karl Nassief has decided to join the ongoing COVID-19 vaccine debate, especially since he plays such a key role in the Dominican and Caribbean business space.

Mr. Nassief suggested that government should consider making the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory, to manage the effect that the pandemic has on the economy, and we respect his right to express his opinion freely. APP, however, does not support mandatory vaccination, and we take this opportunity to invite Mr. Nassief to consider supporting our party’s agenda of educating the public on general COVID-19 protocols, including the efficacy of vaccines.

We believe that hostility against each other has no place in such sensitive discourse, and it is probably time for all interested parties to have a seat around the discussion table to hammer out a plan to save our country’s economy.

Government must create the space for this timely and honest discussion about our country’s future, because COVID-19 is not a DLP, UWP, DFP, APP, P-POD, Nassief, or Private Sectors problem; it is a global issue that can cripple our country’s already sluggish economy and rate of progress if we fail work through our differences in coming up with solutions. It is time to speak with each other in the overall interest of Dominica.

This moment calls for a new conversation, and it would serve us well if we would garner the discipline to agree on one thing: that the health of our nation is more important than the success of our party. It makes very little sense to seek to lead a failed nation, and this is potentially what could happen to our beloved Dominica if the partisan games persist. In the meantime, our party will continue to connect with the people through our Covid “among us” platform, each Sunday, and we invite Mr. Nassief as well as representatives from all political parties (DLP, DFP, P-POD, and UWP) to join us on Sunday, September 19, from 2:00 pm on FB live, for our fifth episode: Covid Among Us – a United Voice. We look forward to the exchanges.