Saturday, June 22, 2024
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$8 Million in grant funding for Value Addition in Agriculture for Farmers and Processors


The Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica, through funding from the World Bank, has received funding through the Emergency Agricultural Livelihoods and Climate Resilience Project (EALCRP) aimed specifically to enhance the operations of farmers and processors.

The Dominica Emergency Agriculture and Climate Resilience Project (EALCRP) of the Ministry of Agriculture is a five-year World Bank-funded project with the primary aim of restoring agricultural livelihoods and enhancing climate resilience within the sector, in Dominica post Hurricane Maria in 2017.

An additional US$8 MILLION has been allocated for the Contingency Emergency Response (CERC) which is activated in response to vulnerable and crises. The primary objective of the CERC is to enhance the value addition in agriculture by targeting a total of 620 farmers and processors (400 crop farmers, 100 Livestock farmers, 120 Agroprocessors) in their processing, harvesting, and post-harvest initiatives.

This initiative also aims to restore agricultural livelihoods, focusing on the agro-processing sector. By transforming agricultural and fisheries products into value-added goods, this component enhances economic opportunities and promotes sustainability. Those involved in primary value-added packaging, processing and extraction of juices, or food preparation, can receive grant funding up to EC $40,000.00 to

This intervention in addition to support with equipment also further aims to provide support to processors to ensure that a wholistic product is readily available on the market to ensure food affordability and availability targets are met. Farmers and Processors will be able to submit applications or complete an Expression of Interest (EOI) from April 3rd to April 17th, 2024, along with supporting documents detailing evidence of business operations via the farmer’s service center at the seven agricultural regions or online via the link