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Marathon swim event to highlight Dominica as a prime destination for open water swimming globally

Roseau, DOMINICA (November 24, 2023)Renowned marathon swimmer Shannon Keegan is set to embark on a groundbreaking 66km swim along Dominica’s Waitukubuli Sea Trail, from   Scotts Head to Capuchin. This endeavor will begin at midnight on Saturday, 25th November 2023, and is estimated to span a challenging twenty to twenty-four hours. Supported by a dedicated team, including two kayakers, a boat captain, two observers, and a team coordinator, Keegan’s daring swim aims to not only push personal boundaries but also catapult Dominica into the global limelight as a premier destination for open-water and marathon swim attempts.

Beyond her role as a seasoned athlete, Keegan wears many hats – a devoted mother, wife, swim efficiency coach, and podcast host residing in the United States. Her passion for open water swimming ignited with her first 10km swim at Bermuda Round the Sound in 2010, propelling her to challenge herself with longer distances consistently. Noteworthy achievements include a 59km swim in Lake George in 2022, and earlier this year, Keegan set a record for the fastest crossing of Loch Ness in Scotland, covering an impressive 36km in just 10 hours and 28 minutes. Her relentless pursuit of excellence inspires and redefines the boundaries of open-water swimming.

As part of SwimMastery’s global network of coaches, Keegan is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience with individuals of all ages, raising awareness about the importance of access to swimmable water.

Supported by Weston Moses and his team from the Soufriere Outdoor Center (SOC), this ambitious swim aims to put Dominica on the map. The SOC founded the Waitukubuli Sea Trail, the first marine trail in the Caribbean, featured in prestigious publications such as TIMES Magazine, Conde Nast, and Paddle TV, and listed in National Geographic’s “The Cool List 2024.”

Marathon swimming, an open water sport added to the Olympics in 2008, is witnessing rapid growth. A recent study on Trends in Outdoor Swimming saw increased demand for outdoor swim coaches and venues. The research estimates that the number of people swimming outside in the UK this summer was around 1.5 to 3 times that of previous years, indicating a significant market for Dominica to tap into.

This trailblazing journey has been made possible by HHV Whitchurch and Soufriere Outdoor Center’s commitment to enhancing Dominica as a premier eco-destination with Adventure Tourism and environmental protection. Whitchurch will partner with Keegan and her team, using the swim to raise ecological awareness of Dominica’s seas and contribute low-cost solutions to keep waste from entering our waters.