Sunday, July 14, 2024
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BREAKING NEWS-Court throws out drug matter against Deejay Alfie Albert Raffoul

Popular Deejay Albert Akel “DeeJay Alfie” Raffoul who was arrested and charged in August 2022 for cultivation of 41 plants of cannabis is now a free man.

This, was after Magistrate Pearl Williams upheld submissions from attorney Kondwani Williams to “strike out the matter for want of prosecution.”

The Magistrate had granted a “final” adjournment to the matter and had asked the prosecution to “put its house in order” to ensure that the matter proceeds.

However, when the matter came up for today June 13, 2024, only four prosecution witnesses were present, minus the investigating officer.

Defense lawyer Williams in his address to the court stated that his client has been coming to court on every occasion and the matter is yet to commence. “It is not fair to my client, the prosecution needs to put their act together, the system is clogged and the prosecution needs to get just,” he said. He used the court to “dismiss the matter for want of prosecution.”

“This is a summary matter and while it may be regarded as serious, the prosecution if they so wish can reinstate the matter, but we are asking the court now to dismiss it for want of prosecution given the time frame of the matter and nothing has been done,” he stated.

In his response, Sgt Augustine told the court that they had provided “partial disclosure in the matter” and it was a very serious charge although it was being tried summarily.”

“This is still a fresh matter, we beg of the court to not dismiss it because the investigating officer was on leave, then transferred, and we did not have the file,” he replied.

But not impressed, the Magistrate stated that the matter last came up before her in February 2024 and she considered the matter “serious” so she gave it a “final adjournment” with the hope that the prosecution put its house in order.

“March, April, May, June… it’s now four months and you all have done, nothing, this was the final adjournment, I am tired of speaking, this matter is dismissed for want of prosecution,” she stated.

Raffoul was arrested and charged with the cultivation of 41 plants of cannabis at Gommier Stewart Estate on August 8, 2022, and he pleaded “not guilty” and was granted for bail of $20,000.00 



  1. So you mean this man, who had a green house surrounded with high voltage electricity to protect his weed. Caused my sister to die. And then too time with the church board to get rid of the plants and ihe is now a free man? This is bull shit. Who are the witnesses that did not sure up? The church board that got rid of the plants walking around my sister? The police also has no evidence? Is that a laughing matter?
    If it was a local poor man the 41 plants will be considered evidence. The green house will be considered evidence. The death of the young lady will be considered evidence. He is to be charged for the 41 plants. Call the police and ask for the evidence.
    Do you take us as fools in this country?

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