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Former PM incitement case goes to High Court

Edison James
Former Prime Minister Edison James

Former prime minister of Dominica Edison James has had his case of incitement committed to the high court.

Former PM Edison James leaves court together with former opposition leader Lennox Linton

James was prime minister of Dominica from 1995-2000 and has been at the center of an alleged incitement case with former opposition leader Lennox Linton and now leader of the United Workers Party (UWP) Dr. Thomson Fontaine.

The former Prime Minister’s bail is now over and he must apply for fresh bail which has been set at $50,000.00. Edison James is 80 years old.

Former Dominica’s Prime Minister Edison James granted bail and leaves the court

The charge stated that on February 7th, 2017 he was involved in incitement by encouraging, persuading, or instigating by words, causing persons to jeopardize the safety or endanger the public peace, following a UWP meeting at which calls were made for the resignation of PM Roosevelt Skerrit.


  1. But, ah wah deh arse meh ah hear yah??? Are they serious? Yuh mean with all dih shit Skerritt doing, Dominicans are letting this go on..?Yuh all went home for carnival, where is the Airport? Are any of you still stuck in Barbados or Antigua?

  2. At 80 years; I don’t expect to live 80 years more, therefore I would have sent the one-man rogue regime rotting in hell for eternity!! I wouldn’t allow a man who’s far from being 80 robbing the resources of the island to drag me to court like that, the one-man rogue chichi family would be left to mourn!!!

  3. Ah try dem ah try wi? wait deh man. Bare lightning an thunda ayou wah see bun up Dominica? Free Eddie Now!!!

  4. I hope their lawyer put up a good defense as to why the speaker of the house is now free for something he was part of and had his time in court for. Is committing a crime right once you join the ruling party. Belle Beff.

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