Friday, June 9, 2023
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Judge scolds lawyers for being late for court and threatens contempt action against them

High Court Judge Thomas W. R. Astaphan is of the view, that in Dominica there is a culture among Dominican attorneys that they come to court when they want and warns that such behaviour will “not be tolerated.”

His comments were made while dealing with a matter involving murder accused Curvin John Ravalier whose attorney was not present when the matter came up for hearing.

“There is a culture among Dominica attorneys, I have noted since sitting here that they come to court late and come to court when they want. I will not be tolerating this culture and as such, any lawyer who comes late to court, will have to show cause, and contempt proceedings will be considered,” Justice Astaphan stated.

Justice Thomas W. R.Astaphan has been appointed to act as High Court Judge, Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court for the period 17th April to 31st July 2023 assigned to the Commonwealth of Dominica.



  1. Great job Judge it’s time we had some stand up for what is right, they operate like outlaws like the law belongs to them.
    You go to them with you title to transfer your land in your name and next thing you know it is transferred to them.
    You go to them for a consultation as a professional they give you wrong advice it’s high time the citizens of this Country be allowed to take lawyers to task for that.
    They operate like a cult and most of them work for the financial institutions so how can you win against the big Banks?
    They treat the citizens of this country with impunity.
    If you have a case against someone in their circle they work for your opponent against you and you still have to pay them.
    They will hold back and let your opponent trample on you.
    We need justice in Dominica please.
    This is the new slaver we thought slavery was bad but check this out during slavery we could hear the whip but this one is even worse this is a silent whip.
    They do not deserve their certificates their names are written on.
    Every one please chime in for justice.

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