Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Lawyer expected to be charged on allegations of fraud

For the past years, many people have been whispering about allegations of fraud allegedly being committed by a lawyer but nothing about dealing with the matter was happening.

However, Nature Isle News can now confirm, the matter has now taken a serious twist with that lawyer expected to be arrested and charged.

Reports reaching Nature Isle News (NIN) indicate that the lawyer in question has fraudulently taken clients’ monies and refused to pay them.

In one matter, the lawyer who was handling a matter against the State dealing with a public officer collected the cheque after the matter was settled, cashed the cheque, and refused to pay the client.

“This is clear fraud and dishonesty by this lawyer and there are lots of reports made by a number of persons implicating this particular lawyer,” an individual with full knowledge of the matter disclosed to NIN.

We have also been privileged to view many documents dealing with this lawyer in those transactions.