Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Murder-accused American Jonathan Lehrer has applied to the High Court for bail

Jonathan Lehrer one of two Americans arrested and charged with the murders of famed Canadian animator Daniel Langlois, 66, and his longtime partner Dominique Marchand, 58, near their adjoining estates is now seeking bail at the High Court on “medical grounds.”

Lehrer, 57, is accused of orchestrating the grisly double murder.

According to court documents, the matter is said to be heard on Tuesday, April 9, 2024, at the High Court in Roseau. The State is opposing the bail application.

Also arrested was St. Petersburg, Fla., plumber Robert Snyder Jr., 62, who cops are eyeing as the likely triggerman. Langlois and Marchand were shot to death before their vehicle was set ablaze.

Lehrer and Langlois had fought bitterly over the use of a road that sliced through the former’s property. The High Court in Dominica courts ruled the road was public and that allegedly drove Lehrer mad.

The property is located on the Bois Cotlette Estate, one of the oldest plantations in Dominica.

Police discovered the bodies of Mr Langlois and Ms. Marchand in the Soufriere area of the island after they had been reported missing.

Investigators say the bodies were burned beyond recognition.



  1. will jonathan lehrer’s privilege protect him from justice? and will it be used to also protect robert snyder from justice?

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