Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Opposition revokes appointment of Sean Douglas as a Senator

Opposition Leader Jesmar Paul-Victor has confirmed to Nature Isle News (NIN) that she had written to Her Excellency the President of Dominica instructing her to “revoke with immediate effect the appointment of Senator Sean Douglas.”

Douglas was appointed as a Senator by Opposition Leader Paul-Victor after the December 2022 general elections in Dominica.

“I can confirm to you that I have written to the President of Dominica asking her to immediately revoke the appointment of Senator Sean Douglas,” Paul-Victor told NIN.

The letter she said is dated November 6, 2023. Asked what the reason (s) for the revocation, she declined to comment.

She was also asked, “who will replace Douglas” but said my team and I are in discussions on that matter and so we will inform the nation in due time.”

When contacted for his comments on the matter, Douglas referred us to the Opposition Leader stating that “at this time it is premature for me to speak on the matter ask the person who asked that the appointment be revoked.”



  1. I have always been annoyed by this woman. Please remove her from her position. I am a proud Dominican living abroad and who boast of Dominica all the time. However, I hide our politics particularly the opposition we now have, it’s a huge shame. Yet you remove the only man who provided some substance to you. Tète poulè

  2. The Opposition party always have a story. Never united. So how they expect to remove the present government. Definitely not by division. And all issue they have, it must be in public. Learn to discuss, compromise and work together. Is not for yourselves you are working but for the country.

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