Saturday, June 22, 2024
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ACM’s Statement on the situation in Haiti

The Association of Caribbean MediaWorkers (ACM) notes with grave concern the deteriorating security situation in Haiti and its impact on the practice of independent journalism in the country.
Journalists are being killed, threatened attacked, and otherwise forced into acts of
self-censorship for purposes of personal security. In the process, the rest of the world is being denied a complete picture of the state of affairs in Haiti.
We applaud all colleagues who have courageously stuck to the task against all odds and call for more wholesome solidarity and support from the regional and international communities for the work being done by Haitian journalists to tell stories of the Haitian condition.
The near-complete breakdown in law and order in the country has the potential to grossly
undermine the work of the free press and to establish an environment of fear and accompanying silence.
The ACM has maintained contact with key collaborators there and is hopeful for the safe
conduct of their work. We call for more urgent regional and global attention and action on the situation in Haiti and the positive impact this would have on all issues of governance, including the protection of press freedom and the professional conduct of journalists.