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PlantScape Donates to the Dominica Cancer Society (DCS)

PlantScape, a local small business, is proud to present a substantial donation to the Dominica Cancer Society in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

On November 8th, 2023, Ms. Joy-Ann Alie, the owner and CEO of PlantScape, presented a monetary contribution, which was a result of the successful Pinktober Promotion held throughout the entire month of October.

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, PlantScape launched a special initiative to raise awareness and funds for the fight against breast cancer. The Pinktober Promotion campaign featured customized pink planters potted with vibrant pink Chinese evergreen plants. This initiative resonated deeply with customers and supporters who sought to express their solidarity with breast cancer survivors and contribute to the Dominica Cancer Society’s mission.

Ms. Alie, inspired by personal experience, expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the public for their unwavering support during this campaign. She shared, “Breast cancer awareness is a cause very close to my heart. In 2016, I lost my dear sister, Cynthia Alie, to this dreaded disease, and ever since, I have been driven to contribute to the cause, aiming to provide support to those in the fight. This donation will play a vital role in the society’s efforts towards breast cancer prevention, treatment, and care. I am deeply humbled by the overwhelming support from my customers and friends and I am committed to making this an annual initiative.”

Ms. Yvonne Alexander, representing the Dominica Cancer Society, expressed her sincere gratitude to Ms. Alie for the donation. She noted the challenges faced by local small businesses and commended PlantScape for not only participating in the Annual Cancer Walk on October 7th but also for conducting a dedicated campaign in support of the cause. Ms. Alexander warmly welcomed this partnership and extended her best wishes for the continued success of PlantScape. She emphasized that the donation would contribute to the Cancer Care Fund, assisting individuals in need of cancer treatment and also towards ongoing efforts to raise awareness and improve the lives of those affected by breast cancer in Dominica.

PlantScape’s dedication to philanthropy and community involvement exemplifies the positive impact small businesses can make. This contribution underscores the significance of solidarity and compassion in championing critical causes like breast cancer awareness.

About PlantScape:

PlantScape is an e-commerce-based small business that specializes in the beatification of indoor spaces utilizing a wide variety of tropical plants, customized handcrafted planters, and moss poles. The business aspires to make a positive impact on people’s lives by bringing nature closer to them with the addition of indoor plants in both residential and commercial spaces.