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4TH HRP home handover ceremony is set for next week

The Dominica Housing Recovery Project (HRP) is proud to announce that its 4th official
handover ceremony will take place on the 13th of December 2023 at the State House Conference Center at 10 am.

At the upcoming handover ceremony, 73 beneficiaries, 44% of whom are women, will officially receive the keys to their new resilient homes. Amongst the beneficiaries are twenty-two members of the indigenous Kalinago community.
The ceremony will commemorate one of the project’s notable achievements – the delivery of a sense of security and hope that homeownership confers to the beneficiaries. 415 applicants have been enrolled in the programme, which has re-housed 215 vulnerable and displaced beneficiaries to date and provided beneficiaries with direct housing support exceeding XCD 27 million.

Notably, the project has helped over 140 beneficiaries to secure formal land ownership documents. The project, which falls under the portfolio of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, continues to improve the overall resilience of Dominica’s housing sector by encouraging resilient building practices, facilitating capacity building of local contractors, and providing direct support to vulnerable households for the rebuilding of homes which were destroyed by Hurricane Maria.

The Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica, through the HRP, remains committed to the provision of resilient homes to displaced beneficiaries using an owner-driven implementation approach that currently provides beneficiaries with a core house with a floor area of approximately 550 square feet, which can be subsequently expanded when the homeowner’s resources permit. The project is jointly funded by the World Bank and the Government of Dominica.