Thursday, February 22, 2024
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Tarish United Sports Club elects new executive

The Tarish United Sports Club has elected a new executive to govern its affairs for the following year. At its Annual General Meeting on Thursday 12th January 2023; the members elected James Jervier as the organization’s president.

The rest of the Executives are as follows                          

Mr. Bernard Darroux                          Vice-President

Ms. Jesselle Pascal                              Secretary

Ms. Graceline Joseph                         Assistant Secretary

Mrs. Yannis Isaac-Jerome                   Treasurer

Ms. Ernard Polydore                           Assistant Treasurer

Mrs. Natasha Ryner-Joseph                Public Relations Officer 

Ms. Jacinta Ulysses                             Committee Member

Mr. Jordan Jerome                               Media Officer

The new Executive Committee aspires to fulfill the mandate of representing the players’ interests and performing its various responsibilities effectively and efficiently.