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A Tale of Two Governors

Once upon a time in a faraway land called the British Virgin Islands, they lived a Governor whose name was Augustus Jaspert, His Excellency the Governor. Mr. Augustus Jaspert was sworn in as the 13th Governor of the British Virgin Islands, at the Swearing-in and Welcome Ceremony held on August 22. He ruled the fair land for 18 long months. On the occasion of his swearing-in, he said, My driving goal from this day on is to serve the best interests of all the people of these magnificent islands.” He further intoned, “I will be engaged, but will not shy away from acting where the values of fairness, security, and good governance are not at the highest standards.  As a people of such talent and strengths, these islands should rightly expect the highest standards.”

Nearly, two years later he has a different view and singing from a different hymn sheet.

The former governor chaired the cabinet and attended nearly 100 cabinet meetings. 

As Governor, he had sole responsibility for the administration of justice and the public service just like it was during the early days.  He loved his white Panama hat from days gone by and wore it with pride while bedecked in his suit. He loved the people of BVI and all they stood for. He loved the land and never missed a function, after all, he was governor.

He never once in his tenure as governor had issues with the long-standing rule of the NDP, which was voted out of office in 2019 by the citizens of the land.  He then had to work with the new VIP which was not to be the case. He promptly left the land in January 2019.

However, all of the citizens and nobles of the land knew how much tension there was between the hardworking and very focused new leader of the VIP and the then governor. A hard-working team of newly elected officials came over the river and settled the fair land. They were welcomed by the nobles and all the citizens except for one, Governor Jaspert.

 At his moment of departure, the governor left a request and insisted on a Commission of Inquiry to inquire into all that he had supervised. In came his new replacement Governor John Rankin, who ensured the COI became part of the BVI’s daily bread.  They continue to feed us nothing but negativity. I am so happy I know what the truth is.

Why did the governor wait until he was leaving to suggest the need for a COI?  Was the COI a personal swipe at the hard-working VIP team and its leadership?

Sir Geoffrey Cox QC, the British-based UK recently confirmed this. He also recently asked some really interesting questions and raised some noises about the truths of the tale of the two governors. Sir Geoffrey also pointed out the glaring fact that the COI  was called during what he described as a bitter and heated dispute between then-Governor Augustus J. U. Jaspert and Premier Andrew A.Fahie.

The people of the BVI are having a daily diet of a government-run by a governor who apparently is investigating himself, but for some amazing reason has not been called to answer one single charge of misconduct,  despite his having massive oversight.

This tale of two governors is interesting. The same person who called for the inquiry is the same person who presided over the administration of the NDP tenure in office and never once raised the UNION JACK to alert his colleagues back home if he suspected that something was amiss.

The facts are clear, BVI has access to revenue streams, the VIP is doing great at fighting COVID and there is a plan.  The problem is like with all other small developing nations, they must share. So, what do we do? Create a story and fabricate a problem and find a fall guy. The rest is a matter of record. We round up the economic hit team and send them over.

Then, we have the bubbly John Rankin and his side-kick Sir Gary Hickinbottom who apparently has made quite a name for himself. He is regarded as embodying all that the British stand for and more. The ability to find work for those who are not sitting well with their peers back on the mainland speaks volumes. Today, we ask just like Sir Gary Hickinbottom, for the AG to share with all of us. how much the sole commissioner is earning and his sidekick lawyers, after all, we are in this together.

The tale of the two governors has demonstrated to the public that it’s possible for two sets of laws to exist, one for the ruled and another for the ruler. Two sets of agendas, two sets of futures are to be our lot. The moral of this story is …. Governors and BVI don’t add up. There is ONLY enough room for one leader and that’s the elected. Fahie and the VIP are our leaders …..lead your people away from the two governors.