Thursday, February 22, 2024
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MOU between Rencheng, Shandong Province, and St. Joseph constituency


The twinning of the St. Joseph constituency with Rencheng in China’s Shandong Province marks a significant milestone in the strengthening of international relations between Dominica and China. This partnership celebrated through a ceremony on Sunday, November 19th, is a testament to the global village concept and the power of cross-cultural collaboration.

The sentiment of unity was shared by all who hold the vision of a connected world.
Gretta Roberts, Minister of Culture, Youth Sports, and Community Development,
represented the St. Joseph constituency on behalf of the parliamentary representative
Darron Lloyd. This newly formed relationship is anticipated to yield substantial
benefits for the people of St. Joseph.

The anticipated advantages include cultural exchange, economic cooperation, and shared
knowledge in community development, all underpinned by a robust friendship that
promises endurance. As the two communities embark on this journey together, they look
forward to unlocking potential growth opportunities, enhancing cultural understanding, and
fostering a partnership expected to bring prosperity and mutual enrichment.

The commitment to shared growth signifies a brighter future, paving the way for cultural and economic initiatives that will benefit both regions.