Athie Martin calls on pastors and priest to join in the walk

Protestors getting ready to walk-Photos by Carlisle Jno Baptiste of Nature Isle News (NIN)

Political activist Athie Martin has vowed to continue his peaceful protest walk in Roseau which has now entered its sixth week. and is calling on the regional organizations on the island to join in that crusade.

Addressing persons who gathered outside the Prevo Cenimo for the usual Wednesday walk in the streets of Roseau, Martin stated that the religious organizations on the island have let the people down.

“We have been begging the men of God, the Pastors, and the priests to come and join us…these are your people, some of them come to your church and we are asking them as men of God to come to the meeting and bring your presence among the people,” he said.

Attached is the full speech of Athie Martin-

Attention to the singing of the National Anthem

“We will let the full weight of the justice system (not the law) but prayers will come down on them. we have the power to take back our country Dominica and that is why we walk,” he said.

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