Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Judge Orders Government to pay Tropical Shipping for the immediate release of container of Retired Justice of Appeal Baptiste

A High Court Judge in Dominica has ordered the Government to release the container belonging to Retired Court of Appeal Judge Davidson Baptiste and pay the associated cost to Tropical Shipping.

The issue arose after Justice Baptiste who has been resident in St. Lucia as a Court of Appeal Judge of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court for over 20 years returned to Dominica as a returning national with his personal items in a container and was charged to have it cleared.

After pointing out the relevant sections of the law to the Attorney General through his lawyer, the matter remained unsettled with the container with all his personal items and vehicle remaining at the port.

Through his lawyer, Justice Baptiste applied for judicial review against the decision of the Attorney General. The matter was heard on March 22, 2023, and the court granted leave for judicial review. The court also ordered the release of the containers, and the State must pay the amount due to Tropical Shipping.

Find attached the Order of the Court



  1. The tables will turn oneday on that corrupt and deceitful gauvament.

  2. That whole customs system need a review and overhaul. You cannot be doing people wickedness like that, this is pure madness. The entire way duties is charged are outdated.

  3. I am a bit confused by the details here. Can this please be clarified? Who is responsible for keeping or releasing containers – is it the government or port authority?

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