Our Christian responsibility is to secure the greatest good

Opposition Leader Lennox Linton
Dominica's Opposition Leader Lennox Linton
Hon. Lennox Linton Parliamentary Opposition Leader


December 2021

Hon. Lennox Linton

Parliamentary Opposition Leader

For all our “sons and daughters of this gem beyond compare”, we pray God’s guidance and upliftment in celebration of the wonderful peace on earth goodwill to men message that accompanied the Christ child to Bethlehem 2,021 years ago.

Regardless of the difficulties in our social and economic circumstances, Christmas remains a favorite time of the year for the Nature Island people of Dominica. In this, our second year under the fears and uncertainties of the deadly COVID 19 pandemic, we embrace the precious gift of the Holidays – spending time with family, friends, and loved ones with all the joy that characterizes the season.  

But, once again this year, we must do so responsibly, observing all the hygiene, personal protection, and social distancing protocols that have served us well so far as the virus continues to send millions to their graves. Wash your hands, wear your mask, keep your distance. If you are not yet vaccinated, please use this period of reflection to understand and appreciate the importance of accepting the best prescription from medical science at this time for the protection of the human family.

As we close yet another year in the struggle to build an ideal, nature island society and a sustainable nature island economy, we join the millions of Christians of good conscience around the world to celebrate the birth of Jesus. We reflect on his story from that Holy Night and his everlasting message of endless love, abiding faith, compassion, and hope.

In humble adoration, we reflect on guidelines for joyous nature island living that have emerged from His teachings:

“Rivers do not drink their own water; trees do not eat their own fruits; the sun does not shine for itself and flowers do not spread their fragrance for themselves. Living for others is a rule of nature. We were born to help each other”.

This Christmas, let us all truly appreciate that the priorities of Mathew 25 are not about deliberately creating poverty as a strategy to build dependence and then feeding, with public funds, those forced to hunger in poverty and dependence in exchange for their loyalty.  

This Christmas let us accept that good Christian living requires us to treat one another with love and compassion; care for the sick; feed the hungry; look out for the poor, and stand up for the victims of injustice and persecution. For it is these acts of human kindness that will allow us to bind together as God’s beloved soldiers in the advancement of global civilization.

This Christmas, let us also accept collective sweat of thy brow, Christian responsibility to grow the wealth of Dominica and to share it fairly and equitably. The billions of dollars from the sale of our citizenship belong to all of us. There is nothing Christian about illegally putting these funds in overseas accounts under the unlawful private control of a privileged few. Let us, as Christians of truth, righteousness, and justice, place those public sums of money into the people’s Consolidated Fund and use them wisely for the benefit of all the people.

The Christmas story guarantees the Christian people of good conscience in this Isle of Beauty that God is implementing his plan for a better Dominica, not by force from the outside but from His spirit that dwells within us all. The more we do His goodwill, the more he abides with us, and the more He will move to perform His wonders at the pace of our interest and commitment.

Let this be the Christmas season in which we make doubly sure the alignment of our inner selves with the forces of good in the universe dedicated to pulling down evil, driving change, and transforming yesterday’s darkness into tomorrow’s marvelous light.

Let’s look forward to the New Year, resolved to fully commit ourselves to unity of purpose; to joint action; to the values that matter, and the standards that count in our Christian responsibility to secure the greatest good for the greatest number.

God Bless You Dominica.

Merry Christmas and a healthier, happier New Year!