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Police make several arrests

Those persons who are coming into Dominica and also leaving through illegal means are asked to desist that practice.

This as the police made several arrest of Haitian nationals and also Dominicans.

In a press conference, Police Chief Daniel Carbon disclosed that his officers have made several arrests of persons entering and leaving Dominica through illegal means.

“On Monday, August 3rd, 2020, the police conducted an operation in Jimmit resulting in the arrest of 37 Haitian nationals and 31 of those arrested were charged with having overstayed in Dominica. They have since been brought before the court where the charge was read to them,” Carbon said.

“Another operation on Friday, August 7, 2020, in the north of the island resulted in the arrest of 11 more Haitians they are in police custody with suspicion of trying to live the state illegally. Over the past few months, the police have arrested 22 individuals for illegal entry into Dominica and five vessels were intercepted.”

The police chief also stated that previously, he said that while the Haitians are welcome into Dominica, they must follow and adhere to the laws of the land.

“Some of them are using Dominica as a transshipment point to travel to other countries through illegal means. I have warned against entering and living Dominica through illegal means. Some of our citizens are overseas and want to return home however, they must do so legally by coming in at a designated port of entry. The government of Dominica, the police, and the Ministry of Health has worked very hard to make Dominica COVID-19 free,” he said.

He warned that those who are bent on entering and living Dominica through unauthorized ports to desist help the police.  “We are prepared to reward people who assist us. Those caught will be dealt with forceful according to the law,” he said.