Team Unity concerned about gas crisis in Dominica

gas station
Empty gas station

Team Unity Dominica (TUD) believes the issue of gas shortage which has gripped Dominica over the last few days is a cause for concern.
The impact of the recent gas shortage is still not yet realized, but the long lines and restlessness observed among the citizens suggest a sounding of the alarm which we hope our government has noticed. The people already in a heightened state of anxiety following snap elections, should not be placed in this predicament.
As the Dominica Association of Industry and Commerce (DAIC) stated in a message on the same issue, this gas shortage has “the potential of crippling our businesses as they are unable to conduct business as is customary at this critical and important revenue generating season” and we agree. We are, however, concerned with the direct impact this has on the people.
The issue, though temporarily abated, is not yet solved and TUD urges the government of the Commonwealth of Dominica and the distributors in the private sector to find ways to remedy the situation. This is probably as good a time as any to unite for the overall good of our people and the country, and that is what TUD is about.

In this season of goodwill and love, we hope that stakeholders: the government, distributors, and the private sector, find a solution to this gas impasse which has the potential of getting worse if the issue is not urgently and adequately addressed. Our team stands ready to assist in ongoing dialogue for and on behalf of the people. With that said, we intend to meet with all sides in January 2023. The public will be kept abreast of our attempts at dialogue with stakeholders.