Flood Warning for Dominica

Weather in Dominica
Gloomy weather in Dominica as trough dumps heavy rain

The Met Office has issued a Flood Warning for Dominica as of 9 am Sunday, October 10, 2021, due to a trough system that is producing heavy shower and thunderstorm activity across the island. The ODM and the Disaster Committee teams have been monitoring conditions across the island. During this morning several waterways were observed experiencing rising water levels while a few have already overflowed their banks.

The occurrence of landslides and rockfalls is highly possible during this time. Persons should therefore be alert in vulnerable areas including under cliffs and in hilly areas. The Ministry of Public Works and their team have prepositioned heavy equipment to clear blocked roads and to maintain access where necessary. Several videos are circulating on social media of people sightseeing, placing themselves in harm’s way. Be reminded that:

• You must resist the urge to go sightseeing • Do not walk, swim or drive through floodwaters • Be alert in landslide and rockfall hotspots.

The ODM will continue to monitor and provide necessary updates

Flooding as a result of heavy rains in Dominica