National Joint Action Movement (NJAM) expresses shocked and disbelief at the death of Kian Alexander

National Joint Action Movement (NJAM)

Roseau, Sunday 16th June 2022 –    The National Joint Action Movement (NJAM) is gravely shocked and in total disbelief of the death of Kian Alexander as confirmed in a 100-second statement by Deputy Commissioner of Police Lincoln Corbette almost eight hours after the population was informed of the situation on social media.

Kernisha Etienne is now on her own, wherever she may be, and the unfortunate death of her abductor has complicated the search for the child tenfold because the only source of information on her whereabouts is now deceased lies cold in a funeral home.

The prayers of all Dominicans and those concerned about the wellbeing and safe return of little Kernisha Etienne must be intensified and all able-bodied persons are encouraged to join in the search to rescue the child. It appears that she is within a five-mile radius from the place of her abduction and time is of the essence.

As the citizens commit themselves to the search and rescue of the child, the Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force, the Minister of National Security, and the Prime Minister must come clean with detailed and factual information on the circumstances which led to the death of the abductor of the child and to reveal a clear plan on the process for finding the child now that her abductor is dead.

There is no doubt that a thorough investigation of the search Operations to rescue Kernisha Etienne will be required but all attention at this time must be focused on finding Kernisha alive.

NJAM, therefore, appeals to all Dominicans to continue to pray for the safe return of Kernisha and that while the search continues the heavenly Father will give her the strength, energy, and spiritual resilience to endure the challenges that she faces, and that God Almighty will reveal the location of the child.

As a God-fearing people, we should hope for the best result but prepare for the worst, because twelve days in captivity under the prevailing circumstances must be agonizing for any human being albeit a twelve-year-old child.

Heavenly Father we as a nation ask for the safe return of Kernisha Etienne in the name of Jesus our Lord and Savior.


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