Daily weather forecast valid 6:00 AM on Thursday August 4, 2022 

Weather forcast

Valid from: 6:00 AM on Thursday, August 4, 2022

Synopsis: A high-pressure system is the dominant feature

Forecast for Today:

Partly cloudy to occasionally cloudy, hazy, and breezy with brief scattered showers

Forecast for Tonight:

Increasingly cloudy and breezy with some scattered showers

Wind: ENE to E @ 15 to 40 km/h with higher gusts

Sea Conditions: Moderate

Waves: 1.5 to 2.5 meters or 5.0 to 8.0 feet.

Warning/Advisory: Small craft operators and sea bathers on the east coast should exercise caution

Sunrise: 5:48 AM

Sunset: 6:34 PM

Low Tide: 3:03 AM and 3:31 PM

High Tide: 9:01 AM and 9:01 PM

Weather Outlook for Dominica and the Lesser Antilles

Valid from: 6:00 AM on Thursday, August 4, 2022

A high-pressure system will continue to be the dominant feature across Dominica generating breezy conditions during today. Patches of low-level clouds moving westward with the wind flow can be expected to result in some passing showers during the morning. However, a westward-moving tropical wave is expected to result in an increase in moisture levels across the area by tonight into Friday morning.

Dust haze is expected to linger over the area during the next 24 hours. People with respiratory sensitivities should take the necessary precautions to avoid complications.

Moderate seas are anticipated during the next 48 hours, with waves peaking at 8.0ft in eastern coastal waters.

Please note that a greater degree of cloudiness, more frequent rainfall, and higher rainfall amounts are normally experienced across the east coast and interior of Dominica.

Prepared by: Marshall Alexander (Forecaster)


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