Dominica Chess Federation (DCF) gets ready to host local tournament

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Roseau, Dominica, April 21, 2022:  The Dominica Chess Federation is gearing up to host its highly anticipated chess tournament, and action plans to ensure the revitalization of the Sport are shifting into high gear.

The Dominica Chess Federation recently founded (Dec 2021), is the officially registered and recognized chess body of Dominica by The International Chess Federation, and is registered under the laws of the Commonwealth of Dominica (Feb 2022).

The First AGM (Annual General Meeting) took place on the 13th of April, 2022 at 6 PM at The Saint Mary’s Academy, where an official executive was selected and voted on.

The newly elected executive members of the Dominica Chess Federation (DCF) are;

President- Nigel Francis

Vice President- Dr. Lyndon Auguiste

Secretary- Daniel Scotland

Treasurer- Larry Thomas

Assistant Sec/Treasurer- Robert Bridet

Public Relations Officer (PRO)- Hassan ‘Professor’ Robinson

Technical Advisor- Carlton Morvan

The Federation is currently set to host its first Chess tournament as a FIDE recognized federation, and the tournament will be held the weekend from 13th May to 15th May.
It will be limited to 10 players for the final but open to all.
In the event that there are more than 10 players who register for the tournament, qualifiers will be held the previous weekend (May 6th to 8th) to select the 10.

The Federation has been proactive in its sensitization drive by utilizing social media, and radio programs as well as setting up chess boards at the Roseau River Promenade, Roseau Bayfront, and the Dominica Botanical Gardens.

The action plan also aims at targeting schools, so that public interest and awareness can aid in the increasing number of memberships.

Joining the Dominica Chess Federation makes an individual an official member of the worldwide chess family, giving them access to the benefits of the vast network of chess.

That includes but is not limited to; coaches, training programs, an official rating, and participation in events and tournaments, both regionally and internationally including potential world championships.

Persons are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity that the sport can provide, as well as break the social stereotypes associated with the sport and create a new generation of chess players, from young as 8 years old.

For more information on how to become a member, feel free to contact the federation via:

Telephone: (767) 285-4500

Email: Social media: