Civil forfeiture of cash by the State against Dowlin Alexander further adjourned

Court Gravel
Court Gravel

A matter involving Dowlin Alexander of Grand Bay has been adjourned to September 19, 2022, by the court.

Alexander who is represented by Gina Dyer-Munro, appeared before the court on May 9, 2022, on a civil complaint filed by the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) represented by Trinidadian lawyer Keith Scotland.

The matter dates back to October 27, 2017, and involves 1,000 pounds sterling, US 1,499.00, $EC53,333.52, and Euro 39,500.00 all to a total value of EC$179,935.56 seized by the State from Dowlin Alexander.

The State told the court that they will be proceeding in a certain direction under the civil forfeiture rules and will be going via affidavit and hence requested an adjournment in the matter.

Defense counsel Gina Dyer-Munro told the court that while she is “not objecting to the adjournment, she is not committing to the prosecution’s proposed course of action.”

Magistrate Michael Laudat then instructed the defense and prosecution to have a consultation on the matter before the adjourned date of September 19, 2022.


  1. This matter is not against Linton nor Thompson nor Lugay…….5 years ago?
    What a waste?????
    Useless Court?
    We all know where this is headed…..we know d character of de accused!
    Who knows… man maybe benefiting from de road projects coming to Grand Bay!!!!!!!!
    This case is going nowhere……. lawyer making her buck!!!!!

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